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After several years of developing hydrogen systems, the Motor Clean company has developed a system to internally clean engines without disassembly using pulsed hydrogen, restoring the engine’s original operation and performance so you never have to worry about engine clogging again.
Direct from manufacturer
Easy use
HOW DOES IT WORK?The Motor Clean cleaning station is easy to use, fast, efficient and completely autonomous. The station automatically manages the pulsed hydrogen flow. Hydrogen’s high calorific value means we can increase the temperature of combustion and cause pyrolysis in order to detach, burn, disintegrate and eliminate soot deposits. Installation is easy: place the Motor Clean hose in the air intake duct and connect the clamps to the vehicle’s positive and negative battery terminals. Using the timer, the technician can choose the duration of the intervention, which can vary depending on engine buildup and size. Idle the vehicle during treatment.
An essential tool for professionals
This is a new additional service to offer your customers to clean and remove soot from all types of engines (gasoline, diesel) and all types of vehicles.

By pulsing hydrogen through the vehicle’s intake system, our Motor Clean station restores original performance and consumption and prevents the engine management light from coming on unexpectedly.

It will also clean the EGR valve, DPF, turbocharger, injectors, valves, etc.

Thanks to the digital clock for adjusting intervention time, you can clean 0.800 L to 15.00 L engines while controlling the remaining intervention time.
The profitability of the Motor Clean® station
The Motor Clean station is completely autonomous, requires no disassembly and is quick with very satisfactory results!
It is equipped with a stainless steel generator and an anti-UVA system providing a generous electrolyte life cycle while protecting the generator. This means maintenance is necessary every 300 hours, or once a year, i.e. a total annual cost for consumables of €49.90 excluding taxes.It is immediately profitable and will boost your turnover.For an operation cost of €0.03, you can charge individuals €65 including taxes for 30 minutes of treatment.
The Packs
Try it!
7 customers out of 10 will accept cleaning if it is proposed during oil changes, pre-inspection checks or services!
Treatment is recommended every 15,000 km or once a year.
€65 including taxes for 30-minute service.
Immediate profitability
2 services per day €130 i.e. €2730 per month
3 services per day €195 i.e. €4095 per month
4 services per day €260 i.e. €5460 per month
5 services per day €325 i.e. €6825 per month
Adding hydrogen during combustion
has been scientifically proven to:
- Reduce burning time.
- Increase thermal efficiency.
- Reduce HC, CO and CO2 emissions by increasing the hydrogen percentage of fuel.
- Increase combustion temperature.
- Reduce specific fuel consumption
- Thermally decompose carbon (soot) deposits
The Motor Clean cleaning station allows cleaning without disassembly.
After just 30 minutes of use, the Motor Clean station’s cleaning capacity is outstanding. Thanks to several years of development and cutting-edge technology, pulsed hydrogen in the intake ducts burns and removes an average of up to 75% of the existing soot deposits that prevent your engine from functioning properly.
International certifications:
International certifications

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