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How to descale
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When you use your vehicle, dark oxidation deposits (soot) are left in strategic parts of your engine and exhaust.

Engine clogging is essentially due to today’s traffic conditions, as a result of frequent starts, speed limits, fuel quality, new anti-pollution requirements and standards, and low-speed driving to limit fuel consumption.

The symptoms of a clogged engine are usually: loss of power, irregular idling, excessive fumes, overconsumption, an engine management light that turns on unexpectedly and loss of acceleration.
If you encounter these kinds of problems, choose cleaning to preserve your engine while saving on maintenance and consumption.

After years of development, choose the most advanced and low-cost technology available today, and opt for internal engine cleaning with our “MOTOR CLEAN” hydrogen cleaning station. This will restore your engine’s original operation and performance.

International certifications

International certifications

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Hydrogen descaling

Engine cleaning is used to unclog engines that become blocked due to improper use of our vehicles, particularly due to speed limits, fuel prices and fuel quality. Clogging is most often indicated by your on-board computer as abnormal pollution or a faulty antipollution system. Excessive fumes when starting the engine, acceleration that usually results in a loss of power, overconsumption, or even running in degraded mode (engine speed limited to 3000 rpm). Soot, also referred to as carbon (residue resulting from poor fuel combustion) forms in strategic areas and prevents your engine from running properly. The most affected parts are usually the EGR valve, the particulate filter (DPF), the turbocharger, the injectors and the valves, which are key parts for the proper functioning of your engine. Cleaning will help your vehicle pass the pollution part of its safety inspections, reduce consumption by up to 10%, allow torque recovery (better acceleration) and extend the service life of your engine, without costly repairs.